Costa Cumana
Beach property for sale

Costa Cumana B Lot

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico

Property Overview

See this beach view property at Costa Cumana, considered by many to be Puerto Escondido's finest and most desirable beach properties 6 miles SE of the city. You'll be 50 yards from the ocean on a beach view property that's for sale in this resort development which offers an amazingly unique and friendly-rich atmosphere which can be your perfect beach house vacation spot. The fantastic investment is further enhanced by the soon to be completed superhighway connecting Mexico City to Oaxaca City and the Pacific coast. The lot is 1,925 m2 (35m x 55m) or 20,963 sqft (115' x 181') and is approximately 50m (165') from the beach. The infrastructure that is installed and in place includes electricity, roads, a security gate and a residential water treatment plant. At Costa Cumana, the activities include surfing, fishing, scuba diving and relaxing on your beach property with friends.

  • For Sale US$ 96,500

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