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Skydive Puerto Escondido    Architectural Digest

For several years, skydiving has been a thrilling feature to watch and one of the exciting activities in which you can participate at Zicatela beach. During the high season, there's a group that flies their plane from the US to Puerto Escondido where they set up shop as well as their skydive landing pad right on the beach. For spectators, its an exciting and colorful show as expert skydivers swoop down with dare devil-like maneuvers and at speeds that make people wonder if they'll pull up in time. As it turns out, they do and level off hovering horizontally just above the ground as they gracefully drag their feet in the sand to slow down. Free falling from a plane at 13,000 feet, beginners who want to skydive must do tandem skydiving. More experienced and certified jumpers can do solo jumps and free fall on their own.

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