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Playa Zicatela & La Punta    Architectural Digest

In Puerto Escondido the great thing about the waves and swell is that you have a variety of beach, point breaks and wave heights from which to choose. While Playa Zicatela beach is home to the potentially tremendous barrels of the Mexican Pipeline, other beaches in the area offer sheltered hidden coves with left or right breaks. A walk to the end of Zicatela brings you to La Punta Puerto Escondido where a beginner can get surfing lessons or an expert can paddle to the rocky point where the swell and cresting waves begin. Catching waves at La Punta means you can potentially ride a wave that brings you all the way in to the beach.

The conclusion is that whether one decides on the beaches Playa Zicatela or La Punta, any surfing enthusiast will find their perfect surf spot without having to look too far or hard for good waves.

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