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Below is where you will find a local map of Puerto Escondido, an expanded where is Puerto Escondido Map and a map of the Country of Mexico. You need not rely on this map, though. All of our newly updated property pages for sale and for rent include a Google map on the page to where it is. *Please note, however, that the version of Google maps we use shows images from a few years ago. If you search for a more updated satellite map you will see a much more accurate picture where you look.

The city of Puerto Escondido can be broken down into a few distinct residential areas. To the north west, is where the farthest points are Chila and the area around Languna Manialtepec. The beaches Playa Bacocho, Playa Carrizalillo and the Rinconada is where the next area is located on the northwest part of town close to where the airport is. Nearest to the center of the town are the residential areas where the cove beach Playa Angelito and Playa Manzanillo are. Find Playa Zicatela beach and La Punta on the surf map and southeast of the village where the road leads 6 miles further south where Laguna Naranjo, Rancho Neptuno as well as Costa Cumana where luxurious beach front properties, homes and land are located on the coast of Oaxaca.
  Puerto Escondido Map

Map of Puerto Escondido Area

The map below gives one a a general idea of where the beach property developments that lie to the southeast of town can be found. This includes, in order of distance La Barra, Laguna Naranjo, Rancho Neptuno and Costa Cumana. Map

Map of Mexico

Where is Puerto Escondido? Highlighted in the map in red, you'll find Puerto Escondido which is located in the southern part of Mexico and is a coastal city within the state of Oaxaca. Oaxaca City is the state capital and is approximately 120 miles from the 'Hidden Port'. There is a road construction project is currently underway that is projected to reduce the travel time from Oaxaca City from 7 hours to just 3 hours. Mexico Map

Pictures of Puerto Escondido from the sky

These aerial photographs were taken in March 2007. We took off from the Puerto Escondido airport and followed a route that covered the outskirts of the city from the northwest and then flew to the southeast of town. Along the way we were able to get great pictures of the cove beaches, the center of town as well as the beautiful seaside and beach front properties that are located southeast of the village.Puerto Escondido Photo


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