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Puerto Escondido Airport

Puerto Escondido Airport Info

There is daily jet service on three different airlines to the Puerto Escondido International Airport (PXM) from Mexico City (MEX) on AeroMar, Viva Aerobus and Interjet has flights 4 days per week. From Oaxaca City (OAX) Aero Tucan offers daily flights to Puerto Escondido. Travel on one of many airline flights per day to Huatulco from Mexico City & Oaxaca and other points of origin. See below for more information about getting to Puerto Escondido with travel and flights through the Huatulco airport.



Taxi's from the airport are always more expensive because of an airport license monopoly. Smart Travel Tip: Try to be picked up by a hotel van or a friend or you can walk to the airport exit and get a regular taxi or 'collectivo'- small shuttle pickup trucks/vans that cost less. Regular taxis are un-metered so it's best to discuss and agree on a price at the beginning but most trips in Puerto Escondido should only cost between 35 & 50 pesos.

Huatulco Airport large map

Huatulco Airport Information

If flights to Puerto Escondido are sold out or timing causes extended connection/layover, it is easy to fly into the Huatulco International Airport (HUX) from cities including Oaxaca City. Avoid a layover in Mexico City on a direct flight from Houston on United. Interjet has flights each day from Mexico City & Toluca - the 2nd airport on the other side of Mexico city. In season find charter flights from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal Canada & more. From Huatulco airport to Puerto Escondido one has a variety of travel and transportation options including rental cars, private van, bus and it is only a 1.5 hour drive. Save money by walking to the main road and negotiate a good taxi rate (500 to 600 pesos) or get an even less expensive 'collectivo' bus.

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Luxury buses from Mexico City depart from the TAPO (Terminal del Autobuses Pacífico Oriente) for an 11-12 hour ride to Puerto Escondido. In Acapulco you'll travel from the Estrella Blanca which is one block north of the Zócalo on Avenida Ejido. Bus travel from Huatulco has buses on a regular basis prior to 6:00 PM and is difficult after that time. Click these bus company websites for different options ADO GL, ETN Turistar or Primera Plus for more details, specific bus schedules, tickets and pricing. The new Bus Terminal in Puerto Escondido is located a block away from the Crucero on the Costera. Click on the link below the to the left to see the exact location of the new bus terminal.

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