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Puerto Escondido News

Puerto Escondido News | Architectural Digest

The Magic of Puerto Escondido

The paradise come true is in Oaxaca. Who does't dream of a vacation surrounded by whales, turtles and dolphins in the ocean, where beginners and experts can surf and the quiet of the environment makes it seem like time stands still? Mexicans and foreigners from around the world fly every year to this fantastic destination which offers unforgettable experiences through good architecture, and unique landscapes - direct contact with nature that one can rarely get. Puerto Escondido Real Estate & Vacation Rentals is the name of the real estate company run by Nancye & Brett Radmin offering more than 60 properties in the fabulous beach town of Puerto Escondido.

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Puerto Escondido News | SFGate

10 reasons to pack your bags for Puerto Escondido

Mention "Oaxaca," and most travelers think of the justly famous capital city, but the state's unspoiled beaches and famous surf breaks are equally worthy of your attention...capital of Oaxaca's coast, Puerto Escondido ("Hidden Port"), local farmers found that coffee thrived on the Sierra Madre del Sur's ocean-facing slopes and began shipping beans out of the port...wave-seeking surfers showed up in the late 1950s...has come into its own in the past decade, offering moderate prices, good food, a wide range of restaurants and hotels, and just enough nightlife. Driving down the coast from Acapulco is less harrowing than scaling the mountain roads; these days, many tourists fly into Huatulco to the south and make the short drive north to Puerto...

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Puerto Escondido News | Globe and Mail

Where to travel in 2010 - Mexico

The Globe and Mail listed Mexico on their list of the 10 top places to travel in 2010.

Mexico is primed for a comeback. The state of Oaxaca - home to the pretty colonial capital of Oaxaca City and the chilled-out surfing town of Puerto Escondido - made Lonely Planet's Top 10 Regions of 2010 list

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News | Conde Nast Traveler

The Coast is Clear

....it's nearing the golden hour, and the late-afternoon wash of light beckons me to the sea. For three days now I've been scuttling from one location to the next, exploring the Oaxacan coast and pondering how I will ever, seriously, be able to brave the waters of this perilous part of the Pacific-which impishly touts itself as the Costa Chica, the Little Coast....as I get tossed about in the surf, there's not a single tourist anywhere along the mile-long bay...a large turtle waddling along the sand...find space, and peace, to lay her eggs...Word is slowly starting to spread about the lesser-known Pacific Mexico...international surfers and middle-class Mexicans, this seaside stretch between Puerto Escondido and Huatulco is still unknown-despite its spectacular string of beaches...My personal favorite is Puerto Escondido-a simpatico enclave that's grown beyond its surfer roots, with no big-brand hotels...

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Puerto Escondido News | New York Times

Fishing Boats, Surfboards and Not a High-Rise in Sight

...a tiny fishing village turned surfer's hub on the Pacific coast of Mexico, certainly has the hallmarks of a tropical paradise...the many American homeowners there - perhaps intent on not unveiling their coveted hideaway - are quick to point out that Puerto Escondido is not for everyone...he and his wife, Mimi, have returned every winter since...bought a pair of adjoining lots for $40,000 and in 2000 finally built a house for $75,000...foreigners who often wind up buying because, among other reasons, it's so affordable...Puerto Escondido is still relatively unspoiled, with no chain stores, resorts or waterfront high-rises...

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Puerto Escondido News | Conde Nast Traveler


It's a traveler's truism: Where surfers go, other tourists eventually follow. Wave-riders sniff out the best beaches before the mainstream discovers them, and board culture has the effect of turning sleepy towns into enclaves of board-short-wearing hipdom...The next frontier? Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angel, and the beaches south of Huatulco...the beaches are home to fishing villages, quiet lagoons, and coconut plantations-if you need a visual reference, the idyllic beach ending of Y Tu Mamá También was shot here...in Puerto Escondido and take day-trips to Playa Manzanillo, Playa Carrizalillo, and Zipolite...surfers, playa Zicatela beach is one of the best pipelines...

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Puerto Escondido News | Observer Guardian

Stunning Puerto Escondido Mexico

...sunrise over Puerto Escondido, the swish former fishing town on Mexico's southern coast with a booming trade in upmarket tourism...no surprise that 'Puerto' has become the Mexican retreat of choice for wealthier European and American settlers...property here is still reasonable. While most gringos choose to buy a plot of land and build a modern high-design villa to their own specification, there are also a number of developers producing good-quality housing quickly and at low cost. Nashville-born Nancye Radmin from Puerto Real Estate explains: 'It's always sunny here, so we have no downtime; no frozen ground means we can build continually.'

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News | CNN Money

Hottest foreign second home markets for 2007

Here's where Americans will be turning to this year for second homes abroad...Some Yanks did buy second homes in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, but the majority were content to shop within the nation's borders...That's changing...big destinations for Americans to buy second homes abroad are still the usual suspects. In addition to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean...

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News | New York Times

Sunday Real Estate: Making It Easier to Buy in Mexico

When Thomas Keeling, a New York City firefighter, retired from the force in 2003, it took him less than a month to leave College Point, Queens, for this beach town..."where you can fish all year," he says - and has listed his house...The Mexican government has spurred that growth with a number of new rules that make it easier for Americans to acquire real estate...

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News | NY Times

More American Retirees Seek Havens Abroad

...some Americans heading for retirement are as concerned with pesos as pensions...part of an emerging population expecting to spend their retirement abroad...baby boomers will start hitting 60 at a rate of more than four million a year...these 78 million Americans are rethinking retirement...lured overseas by a more affordable cost of living and temperate weather...believes health care costs in the United States could eat up 40 percent of the couple's estimated $4,000 to $5,000 monthly retirement income..."We think our dime will go further."...will return to Mexico to research where they might want to live.

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