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Zicatela Surf Mexican Pipeline

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Zicatela & La Punta

Surfers everywhere know about Mexican Pipeline and surfing at Playa Zicatela. Conditions of other surf beaches in Puerto Escondido are not as intimidating as Zicatela's waves. Depending on the month, find a calm swell on the map and get lessons at Playa Carrizalillo, La Punta aka The Point at the end of Zicatela.

Beach Wedding

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Puerto Escondido Beaches

Aside from surfing, there's many great beaches for swimming. The Hidden Harbor aka Playa Principal is the main beach that parallels the adoquin pedestrian area. West of the lighthouse hidden coves and beaches is Playa Manzanillo and Carrizalillo which are calm for swimming and snorkeling.

Surf & Swim Beach Camp

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Jon Silver Surf & Swim Beach Camp

Jon has a way with children. With a passion to teach, kids learn the water from a swimmer or surfers perspective. Team building and camraderie result from their active and fulfilling Camp experiences.

Veny Surfing Lessons

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Surf School & Lessons | Venny

Venancio (Veny), born and raised here, speaks fluent English and is a former competition surfer in Puerto Escondido that offers private, one on one surfing lessons or classes for a group of friends or family.

Surf Boards

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Surf Boards | Ody Boards

Ody shapes each surf board by hand and has worked for world class manufacturers of surfboards. He offers rentals and for a $100 deposit he'll have your custom board waiting when you get to Puerto Escondido. He'll even buy it back when you leave.

Surf Shop

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Surf Shop | Dela Point

Rent surf and boogie boards, get surfing lessons or buy gear including board shorts and bikinis. You'll find tons of accessories at the Dela Point surf shop located at La Punta Zicatela.

Sophie Yoga Puerto Escondido

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Sophie Sheppard teaches private and group classes featuring restorative and energizing vinyasa flow yoga set to music, mixed with deep relaxation and guided meditation. All levels are welcome - from beginners to advanced practitioners.





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