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Since we first started our business, we've had the pleasure of meeting and working with great people from all over the world. Some have just been visitors and others have chosen to make their stay in Puerto Escondido more permanent.

Look below and read testimonials and comments about the experiences some of our past and current clients have had working with us and their experiences in our little piece of paradise in Oaxaca, Mexico.

My husband and I have traveled and rented homes all over the world but NEVER have we had such professional, prompt and fabulous service as we did from Nancye Radmin. Before we arrived, she had emailed us and asked if we wanted her to put a few emergency suplies in for us...beer, wine, fruit etc. We sent her a list..when we arrived at the house, AFTER she picked us up at the airport..all of our "emergency" supplies were in the fridge..fresh flowers on the table, and a small platter of hors d'ourves. The home was exactly as she had described it (BETTER) and her web site says the angels vacation in Puerto Escondido...SHE is the angel.
Kelly K

First I wanted to thank you for all your hospitality during our recent visit to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (Yes, I know it is your job, but you do go far beyond what is required.) We enjoyed meeting our future neighbors, Mack, and the lovely breakfast. (Seeing your house was a real treat as well).
Norma R - New York City

Hello Nancye!
I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had in Puerto and to thank you again for all of the help you provided while down there! The manicures were a hit. I am already looking forward to our next visit to Puerto--maybe to buy a house.
Sarah T - Lexington, KY

Hi Nancye,
Thank you for all of your gracious hospitality and help that you showed us last week. You are such a warm and genuine person and you treated us like family. We are excited about our new home and appreciate you for finding it for us and negotiating the great deal. Thank you so much - we appreciate your help immensely!
Jill and Harley - WA

January 2005
We have made it home from Puerto. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that we are very happy to have worked with you. Casa Harley was superb and your help throughout our vacation was very reassuring. Thanks for everything. I can see your view now as you read my email! Very NICE!
My best,
Shane - Colorado

January 2005
Hi Nancye
Thanks again for helping to arrange the taxi to the airport for us the other day, we all got home safe and we all had a great time in Escondido. Hopefully we will do the same next year. Many thanks again for all your help with doctors, directions and taxis etc., we were lucky to have you.
Louise L. - New York

January 2005
Hello Nancye
A wish you a happy New Year. I'm back in Switzerland now and like to say you many thanks for the nice apartement we could stay for one week. I hope to come back soon.
Best regards,
André K

February 2005  Email conversation
Ward said:
Thanks for the clarification. I looked into Morena per your advice and it looks great. I need some advice, which property is the best? We stayed in a great place in Puerto Vallarta last year called the Marilu. It was incredible. We want to try someplace new in Mexico, but we are a bit nervous about bringing the beach into the equation. Last year, we were on a cliff with an amazing infinity pool. I guess we just don't want to feel like we are at a resort. We want to have a very fun and private experience.

Nancye replied:
In my opinion, and I am/was a princess from New York, there is no better place in the world than Casa Morena. I just had beatiful people from Carmel there for 4 days, who i am cc'ing on this...ask them.

Amy replied:
Hi Ward,
We just returned from Casa Morena, and if it's privacy, quiet beach elegance, tortuga trails in the sand, sunrises and sunsets from your beautifully appointed suite, open air palapa with a beautiful onyx dining table lit from beneath, dolphins playing in the waves, pelicans diving dangerously, food that was, and I mean each dish from the freshest ceviche, iced borscht, homemade and homegrown vegetables and local dishses were absolutely mouthwatering, all served by C****a's beautiful staff.( There were 8, i think!) And...we never ran into anyone on the beach, I mean hours, a whole day went by- we did see a man and his donkey gallup down the beach to work, we think...it was heaven... Go, give C****a kisses from the S****s if you're lucky enough to be joined by one of the most beautiful and gracious hostesses in the world, and write me afterwards and thank me.
Best regards,

April 2005
Hi Nancye
We have been meaning to write to you ever since we left PE. Time has just flown by and the restaurant has been so busy since we got back getting ready for our summer!
I just want to tell you what an absolutely fantastic time we had at Eglantina Condos and in PE in general it truly is a paradise.
I would really love to open up a restaurant there. If you know anyone who has any money to invest in such a venture I would love to get together. I am sure we could make a real success of it. It was wonderful meeting you all. Both Barbara and I couldnt get over how beautiful your house was and we are already missing the sun and ocean.
We will be back for sure next year and will confirm with you as soon as possible. We may bring our daughter with us next time.
Many thanks again for your wonderful hospitality.
Kindest regards,
Michael and Barbara M. - Canada

May 2005
I just wanted to thank you for showing me such a wonderful time while I was there. The casa is everything I had hoped, the price was right, and the town is beautiful. I really appreciate you going the extra mile with my purchase. Rachel and I are going to try to get rid of the Cancun tickets so we can come to Puerto instead. She's really charged up to see the home and meet all you fine people. We're looking for another vehicle (ford or nissan) and reading up on the Spanish language so we'll be ready. Got lots to do
Thanks again-
Hope to see you in a few months.

December 2005
We have just returned from vacation after staying at Casa Ana from Dec 18-23. This is just a quick note to say thank you. We and our friends had a wonderful time staying there.
The design of the house is great, and the minimalist style is just to our taste.
Michelle is an excellent cook, and her food was much appreciated, especially by some of our party who are themselves serious cooks.
I would say that the only wrinkle is the relative difficulty of getting everyone in to, say, Puerto Escondido at the same time.
All in all, we had a very nice time, and were sorry to leave. We are already thinking about going back.
Happy new year,
Jeremy and Rachel E (and family, and friends) Oakland, CA

January 2006
Hello Nancye
We loved staying at Eglantina. The location was perfect with easy walking distance to two beaches and the adoquin. The condo was stunningly decorated and well outfitted with everything we needed and more. The two pools were a popular place for us to relax and soak up the sun. The view from the cliff side pool was incredible. We also discovered Eglantina attracted friendly people. Sunsets on the roof top immediately became a fun tradition shared with other visitors and owners. My wife and daughter-in-law were enthusiastic about your shop as well and brought several clothing items home. And we particularly appreciate your hospitality upon our arriving late evening and then generously "ferrying" us in two separate trips to the adoquin so we could have a late dinner.
This was the our first visit to Puerto Escondido but not the last.
Muchas gracias,
Jim, Pam, Huck and Kelly P.

March 2006
Hello Nancye-
After settling in finally, after our return- just wanted to thank you for all your help in renting La Iguana. We really enjoyed it a lot.
Sorry I never got back to you after the tour. Got involved with the boys and surfing and tequilla and before I new it it was time to pack up and leave.
We loved being back and are now starting to plan for coming back in Feb or maybe, Xmas.
As far as purchasing right now, I am considering the options and will be back in touch when I decide what I want to do.
We will be returning with four, not five, as son number one will be in college. Any suggestions for alternatives to Iguana? We did like Zicatela area. Please advise and I will be back in touch shortly.
Warmest Personal Regards,
Steve C- New York

May 2006
Hey Nancye-
You're the first email I'm sending. It's Sunday morning and my head is still on tilt. We had "Barbacoa and Consome" on the farm on Friday afternoon. They were so proud of it. The carcass; head, horns and all was placed in a wheelbarrow and draped with a small napkin and sat in the area where we had coffee con leche on Saturday at 6am. I lost 5 lbs on the trip which is a good thing but unusual for me when on vacation. Hope your girls found the houses in excellent shape. They were fantastic and the pool was the highlight of the trip for the kids. Heaving sobs at the airport in Mexico City from the 7 year old. Joe thought it was because she will miss him - I'm thinking it's the swimming pool.
Thank you for all the work you did showing us properties and the ropes.
Well, I know it's another sunny day in Paradiso at your house. Hope Mack is doing well. You are an amazing woman, Nancye. Most people let life happen to them but you have shaped yours with hard work and a magnetic personality.
Again, Gracias a Usted.
Hugs, Eloise.

July 2006
Nancye, it has been just a joy working with you. Your hospitality and vigor are amazing. I am glad that we have been able to make this deal together and I look forward to many more deals in the near future. I will be emailing you a list of questions that I have.
Cary M.- Canada

July 2006
Hi Nancye,
Thanks so much for all the help you gave us this past week in Puerto. We really got a great flavor for the real estate market in the area and really came to love the cactus house. I am going to contact the mortgage brokers that you referenced in the next few days and I'll let you know how it goes.
Lynn and I both feel that we connected with you and would love to continue working with you in our efforts to find something in Puerto, or, at the very least, to just spend more time there. We were also really impressed with the terrific people that you have around you. It's a great compliment to you. Caitlin was certainly right when she extolled your virtues.
Thanks again and let's talk soon,
David B.- Massachusetts

February 2007
Good Evening Nancye,
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Our vacation in Puerto Escondido was a memorable one. I am going through beach withdrawls. We came back to warmer temperatures then when we left but we still have snow! Suzanne, Jackie and her family were very helpful and hospitable. The home was in great shape and with a wonderful view. I hope to come back soon! I am passing your e-mail around to some Winnipegers.
Take Care,
Franca - Canada

January 2010
Dear Nancye,
We are back home for more than a week now and I just wanted to tell you that we had a lovely holdiday and we really liked our house (Casa Chantal). It was like a dream come true. I am very sorry that we missed you on the day of departure, but I hope that you found the keys on your desk. Once again thanks very much.
Our kids also have a question for you since they really fell in love with one of your dogs: the black one with all the curls. Is that a specific breed? and if yes, what kind?
Hope to see you again around xmass this year
Best regards,
Henk-Jan - Netherlands

August 2010
Hi Nancye
My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time! Your staff is lovely and took great care of us. Benito is the best and took us all around during our stay. We are already planning our next trip to come back!
Thank you!

August 2010
Hi Nancye,
Two items: First, thanks again for all that you did in making our stay such a wonderful one.  We truly enjoyed our time in Puerto and the hospitality that you extended. Second, I attempted to make plans to return to PE for the US Thanksgiving holiday and bring along with my father and sister.  But it looks return flights (11/27) are unavailable not to mention the airfares are double what they were for this last trip.  But rest assured, we are already looking forward to our next trip. Again, thanks for making our stay in PE so wonderful.  Say "hey" to Stevie for us.
Best regards,
Greg and Gerald

February 2011
Hello Nancye,
just wanted to drop you a note to express how much we all enjoyed (Casa Harley) in January. All home in the snow again. Thanks loads for your super hospitality, and I know we will see you again.
Again thanks,
[and Debbie,Sherrie and Dave]

February 2011
Hola Nancye.
We just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and generosity. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the casa and we had a fantastic time in Puerto Escondido. Thanks for everything and who knows, maybe we will see you again next year.
Adrian and Bernetta

Realtor Nancye Radmin