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#86 Casa Don Juan

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico

Vacation Property Overview

Located in Laguna Naranjo, and right on the beach, this vacation home has 6 bedrooms with private bathrooms and is situated on a 4000 sq meter oceanfront lot. Enjoy dinners and relaxing in the beachfront dining and living rooms. As a rental, this beach house comes with a wireless internet connection plus and office with a phone and an entertainment TV room. On this beach property you find a paddle tennis court plus an artist studio and servant Bungalow. The accomodations of this home feature 2 king size bedrooms, 2 queen size bedrooms and 2 triple bedrooms each wtih single beds and is located 6 miles south of the center Puerto Escondido town.

For rent:

  • US$ 800 per night - 1 to 4 people
  • US$ 1200 per night - 5 to 10 people
  • US$ 1500 per night - 11 to 14 people
  • Christmas (10 day minumum) US$ 1900 per night
  • Easter / Santa Semana US$ 1900 per night
  • Children under 2 are always free.

For sale:

  • US$ 1,950,000

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