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Rancho Neptuno

You'll find affordable italian style villas and homes located at the Rancho Neptuno beach development in Puerto Escondido Mexico. You can choose from a number of different layout options for your home on the ranch. Located 6 miles south of the center of town, and 50 miles northwest of Huatulco, the property covers over 200 acres of land with a total of 173 lots. 63 lots lie directly on Neptuno beach front with 55 on the lagoon and 55 more properties are in between the ocean and the lagoon.

There are numerous homes that have already been built. Everything is in place and ready for building and living including the ranches full infrastructure of roads, electricity as well as residential water treatment plant.

Click any of the images below to see a map, details and pictures of the different homes currently available.

Rancho Neptuno 50

Neptuno Lot 50
Neptuno Beach 56

Neptuno Lot 56
Rancho Neptuno 66

Neptuno Lot 66
Neptuno Beach 71

Neptuno Lot 71
Rancho Neptuno 74

Neptuno Lot 74
Neptuno Ranch 77

Neptuno Lot 77

Click to see a map and get more information about properties and land for sale at the Neptuno development. You have your choice of something on the ocean, a lagoon or something in between. Any way you choose, you can't go wrong.
See our featured home called Casa Rancho Neptuno which is across the street from the ocean and has three bedrooms and a swimming next to the open air palapa covered living room.

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