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HGTV House Hunters International Episode HHINT-1504H

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Original air date October 28, 2009

Andrea and Randall love the outdoor life in Salt Lake City, Utah: hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, etc. But for fun in Puerto Escondido, Mexico the situation changes a bit: exploring, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing! On a previous trip to Puerto, the couple purchased an empty lot with plans to build their dream home from scratch, but so much for best laid plans. Now it seems best to save the hassle of building by buying an existing property. They've hired Brett Radmin and his mom Nancye Radmin with Puerto Escondido Real Estate to help them make a big decision: buy the perfect getaway overlooking the Pacific Ocean or build their own?

Sharing Shangri-la in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Canadians Mike and Lisa Oleksiuk and their friends, family and business partners John and Linda Madsen, are as tight as 4 peas in a pod. So when Mike wanted to buy a vacation home in Mexico, they naturally thought of sharing it with their best buds. This way, they can share the risk as well as the benefits. But the risk isn't only financial. Although they get along great in separate houses, they have never lived together under one roof before. They are putting their long, close relationships on the line for a beautiful piece of paradise in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. www.hgtv.com/house-hunters-international/sharing-shangri-la-in-puerto-escondido-mexico/

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