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La Punta Playa Zicatela Puerto Escondido

Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club

Everyday we work on making Guadua the best place to be in Puerto, with the best food, great music, authentic and interesting people and above all, good vibes. Aside from great food, drinks and especially the deserts, Guadua decided to use natural materials which respect the environment. Situated between Playa Zicatela and La Punta most of the beach club foundation is made from Guadua, a ligneous bamboo that is a sustainable and renewable resource that doesn't require seed to reproduce. It is resistant, flexible and tolarates atmospheric and climate diversity.

Dining & Cuisine

At Guadua, you'll find delicious fusion food prepared by chef Ricardo Morales, who combines the best regional ingredients (fish, shellfish, herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables) with the most exotic Asian and European recipes. All of this under impeccable quality, cleaning standards and dietary balance.

Try the rice paper rolls with shrimp, the seared tuna with teriyaki sauce or the fish ceviche with mango and mint. As dessert try the chocolate volcano or the white chocolate mousse with almonds.Tell your friends about Guadua:

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