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Casa Babylon

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About Casa Babylon

Casa Babylon    Architectural Digest

Casa Babylon is a unique establishment. It refers to itself as a Biblioteca - or a Library. It starts to rock late-night, but early in the evening is a great time to spend alone with a book in their lounge atmosphere or with a group of friends playing games like Jenga, chess, cards and other board games.

Drinks at Casa Babylon


Mojitos are the signature drink of the Casa Babylon Bar and are made the traditional way with the authentic breed of mint, a relative of spearmint. Mezcal, Tequila, other liquors & spirits and a full selection of Mexican beers are served as well.

Entertainment at Casa Babylon

Live Music, DJ's and Entertainment

Expect a different type of entertainment each time you visit. From live bands across all genres, to guest DJ's you'll also find periodic perfomances out front next to the beach of carnival like acrobats and fire entertainers.

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